Before this to be happen..

Before this second melts away..
I need to spend my life..
My statufied heart is proof of this..
My eyes became an ocean...
Waves of memories are hitting the shores..
My memories pour out like dreams,
Before these moments Die, spend life happily
Make it Cherished and memorable..
Eyes have become seas..
Wavesof memories are hitting the shores..
droping down from eyes like tears..
Every passing minute is wounding..
every wound has become a goal..
These goals have become milestones of my love..
I am a river tht got tired running a long distance..
Meandering into dusty sands without reahing any seashore..
im a dream that walked out of the eye..
I dont belong to any of the two eyes..
Has my Love turned into friendship..?
Has my life become an unanswered question..? these any name for this relationship..?
If it is there ..Is there any prossibility to separte it..?
You give everything to others ask without hesitation
and the very next minute u feel like a child who miss his beloved thing
Did u grow the ever lasting smile which blossoms on your lips with your tears
Your as beautiful as my sadness
If this second turns into hundred years..
i prefer my next life for just a second


VishWaaS- KoYoTe said...

i guess this is the song from Telugu movie aarya..! isnt it?

Bhagwat Singh said...

yes you are right :) english translation of the song :)