I Want To Hold Yours Hands & Walk a Miles ......

i want to hold yours hands & walk a miles,
doesn't want to miss u, even a while

My life is so beautifu; coz
Dear, its you my life

hug me for my worries to die
my tears to dry and
my lonliness to fly

it hurts me to know
how i t sometimes can be little selfish
when it comes to you

i am getting sentimental over you!
for god sake explain me why all these..

I miss you ever moment of the day,
i keep me awake just to listen you,
i keep me empty just for you to fill
i keep me alive just to see you

my mornings miss you,
my evenins seeks you.
where were you all these years,
why u were not there to wipe my tears.

fear of furtune is worse that pain of the pastm
still i bother the least, coz u are there

even seconds are too long to miss you
i want to hold your hands & walk a mile
doesn't want to miss u, even a while..

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